20091018 - Decade Summaries

Sunday, 18 October 2009 00:00 administrator


Decade Summaries in a new format are being made available for all users. These will appear gradually over the next few weeks. The first two: Decade 2001-2010 and Decade 1991-2000 are now available. These summaries give an at-a-glance look at all the shows done in the course of a decade: the year, the show, the dates and the venue if known, the director and musical director, and a link to the archive entry for that show. In the 2001-2010 summary you can also see whether there is a CD and/or a DVD available for sale in our online shop. Go the Archive menu and scroll to By Year and then to the relevant decade. If a summary is available, it will come up as a menu item when you mouse over or select the relevant decade menu.

SEARCHABLE AND PRINTABLE All decades are searchable and printable. The search facility allows you to search for any information contained in the currently-displayed form only. There is a more general search facility elsewhere on the site. For the time being, printing of any of the summaries must be done using your browser Print facility. A pdf option is being worked on.

The next decade summary to become available will be 1981-1990.

ERRATA or CORRIGENDA You are welcome to contact us if you notice any inaccuracies or errors, and especially if you can help fill in any gaps.

CONTRIBUTE AN INTRODUCTION The Administrators are interested in hearing from anyone who has a good knowledge of one or more decades, to provide a short introduction to each one. Have a look at the sample data at the top of the first two summaries to get an idea of what is expected.


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Watch out for more information on our 75th Anniversary soon.