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General Information for Performers and Auditionees

  1. Auditions for each production are advertised well in advance on Facebook, on this website, on Theatrepeople, and by individual email. All audition applications are made online.
  2. Auditionees for principal roles need to prepare and present the set music and dialogue. Casting is by a panel comprising the Director, Musical Director and a third person representing the Committee.
  3. Anyone wishing to perform in the chorus must audition for the Director and Musical Director if their work is not already known to them. Depending on the requirements of a particular production, all chorus members may be required to audition, whether they have worked with the Directors previously or not.
  4. Rehearsals are usually on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7.30pm and on some Sundays. Generally chorus will be required for only one of the two weeknights. Further details will be provided at auditions.
  5. Any interested person should feel free to audition for a show. To do this you do not have to be a member of the Society.
  6. Before you take to the stage in performance, however, you will need to join the Society. If you are not already a member, you can join during the rehearsal period. The cost of doing so is currently set at $50/$40 concession per annum. This fee will allow you to perform in any show within the year covered by your membership if successful at audition.
  7. Our company relies heavily on the ticket sales generated by our casts and crews, and you will have the opportunity to be involved in other aspects of the production, such as publicity, costumes, set-construction, "bumping-in" and "bumping-out" (the physical moving of the set into and out of the the theatre).
  8. You are expected to provide your own makeup, and you will be advised about this during the run of the show. If it is your first time in a show, fellow cast-members are a good source of information about this. There are several theatrical equipment stores in Melbourne from which you can purchase the necessary make-up. A list of such stores will be provided on this website in due course.
  9. You will also pay a performance fee which currently is $50/$40 concession. There is also a score-hire service available if you require it, and any cost in this regard will be discussed at the first rehearsal. You might also be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of your costume, or contribute items towards your costume. This will vary from show to show and advice about this will be provided by the relevant Directors, Stage Managers.