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1995 - Princess Ida

Princess Ida

Ida 1995
10, 11, 17, 18 Nov
Director: Graeme Murphy
Musical Director: Stuart Brownley
1995 Princess Ida Photo Album

King Gama: Richard Burman
King Hildebrand: Alan Brown
Hilarion: Michael Smith
Cyril: Rick Cooper
Florian: Kevin Kelley
Arac: Stephen Hannah
Guron: William Bromhead
Scynthius: Paul Dernelley
Princess Ida: Catriona McPhee
Lady Blanche: Diana Hatch
Lady Psyche: Jennifer Caire
Melissa: Nicole Brown
Sacharissa: Karyn Judkins
Chloe: Alison Campbell Rate
Ada: Sally Dyte

Amanda Allan, Peter Angwin, Frances Brooks, Rachel Buckley, Keith Edgar, Peter Edwards, Karen Fenton, Dorothea Franz, Sue Gilbert, Wendy Godkin, Judy Hall, Robyn Hannan, Geoff Hirst, Isabelle Hutton, Shelley Jane, Kevin Keen, Rob Kilpatrick, Susan Marshall, Chris Pidcock, Robyn Pidcock, Frank Platford, Colin Polites, Tony Rainer, Catherine Rooney, Karen Woolham, Phil Younger, Sue Younger

Violins: Rachel Butson, Sam Richardson, May Gavin, Graeme Barker, Natalie Jeremic, Sandra Abbe
Viola: Heather Crisp, Rachel Duflou
'Cello: Alice Levan, Viatcheslav Iourgaev
Double Bass: Earle Hunter
Flute: Judith Carpenter, Samantha Cooke
Oboe: Edwin Denton
Clarinet: Warwick Sharpin, McGregor Dixon
Bassoon: Megan Waugh
French Horn: David Evans, Stuart Gunn
Trumpet: Jenny Stengards, Neil Gracey
Trombone: David McArthur, Rebecca Voss
Percussion: Elissa Goodrich

Production Manager: Colin Mortley
Personnel Coordinator: Judy Hall
Director's Assistant: Chrysilla Jo Allan
Stage Manager: Colin Mortley
Artwork (Promotional): Nicole Brown
Artwork (Theatre Board): Julie Mortley
Front of House Convenor: Alan Luxton
Lighting: Colin Mortley
Console Operator: Derek McCalpine
Follow Spots: Gavin Hogg, Jenny Rowe
Photography: Robin Halls

Diana Hatch
Alison Campbell Rate

Properties: Catherine Rooney
Amanda Allan
Publicity: Robyn Hannan
Frances Brooks
Sally Dyte
Rehearsal Accompanists: Graeme Burnham
Pam Christie
Lorraine Long
Rehearsal Suppers: Ivy Godkin
Set Construction: Gordon Bull with Cast
Scenic Designer: Kate Parton
Scenic Artists: Kate Parton
Isabel Hutton
Edward Burger
Backcloth Sewing: Sue Halls
Stage Crew: Gordon Bull
Marcus Roth
Geoff Skews
Ticket Secretary: Dorothy Carlile
Wardrobe (Ladies'): Suzanne Hume
Denise Butt
Wardrobe (Men's): Denise Butt
Frances Brooks
Wigs: Nicole Brown
Diana Hatch


Audio Clips

Note: This clips are only segments of the various songs in the musical.
To acquire the full song(s) please email us at

Special thanks to Steve Bullock at Jeeves Audio Services for the sound clips.

Format / Length
The Woman of the Wisest MP3 / 1 min 238Kb
Princess Ida Finale Act III MP3 /
1 min 15 sec