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2005 (2) - The Pirates of Penzance

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2005 (2) - The Pirates of Penzance
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The Pirates of Penzance


Director & Choreographer: Jonathan Taylor
Musical Director: Hamish Paterson
Chorus Master: Kevin Kelley
Asst Musical Director: Matthew Toogood
8, 9, 15, 16 July

Pirate King: Ashley Giles
Samuel: John Frankland
Frederic: Marco Cinque
Maj. Gen. Stanley: Ron Pidcock
Sgt of Police: Phil Elphinstone
Mabel: Sophie Allen
Edith: Julia König
Kate: Andrea Tappe
Isobel: Tiffany Carter
Ruth: Sarah Taylor

Frederic: Colin Gudgeon
Mabel/Edith: Kathryn Turner
Ruth: Andrea Tappe


Ladies: Virginia Costin, Irene Dietrich, Clare Grosser, Miriam Gunn, Judy Hall, Erin Hardy, Elizabeth King, Sally McKenzie, Melinda Pattenden, Katherine Sip, Tammy Stack, Jessica Stephens, Beth Taylor, Kathryn Turner, Bryony Wilson, Karen Worsley, Daina Zieldes

Gentlemen: Adrian Boulton, David Gerard, Colin Gudgeon, John Handley, Anthony James, Les Kilmartin, Neil Lawson, Richard O'Byrne, Chris O'Malley, Ian Morrison, Tim Stoekle, Jamie Tampion, Michael Wall, Phil Younger


Jonathon Wong (Concertmaster), Violins: Caroline Matthews, Anna Parkhomenko, Chantal Roddy, Nathan Scerri.  Viola: John Clancy, Rebecca Parfitt.  Cello: Alice Levan, Gavin Williams, Andrew Hillier.  Double Bass: Briony Kenneth.  Flute/Piccolo: Catherine Buxton.  Vicki Stanko.  Oboe: Robert Millar. Clarinet: Matthew Toogood, David Laity.  Bassoon: Julie Holmes.  Horn: Joanne Ghiocas, Rosie Savage. Trumpet: Sue Cook, Jenny Stengards. Trombone: Helen Giokas, Simon Greatwood.  Percussion: Chris Broomhead.

Production Manager: Phil Elphinstone
Stage Manager: Nikkii Baker
Assistant Stage Manager: Gordon Bull
Accompanists: Matthew Toogood
Chorus Leaders: Judy Hall, Phil Younger
Dresser: Christopher Connolly
FOH: Sue Younger
Lighting Design: Martin Karklins
Dome Operators: Torquil Syme, Natalie Vincent
Photography (programme): Brian Taylor
Properties: Chris Angelico
Rehearsal Manager: Chris Angelico
Rehearsal Suppers: Karen Worsley
Security Backstage: Bruce Sayers
Set Coordinator: Robert Ray
Set Construction Manager: Trevor Dawson
Scenic Artist: Nikkii Baker, Miriam Gunn
Stage Crew:

Gordon Bull (ASM), Trevor Dawson
Bruce Sayers
John Larcombe

Ticket Secretary: Dorothy Carlile
Wardrobe: Phillip Rhodes
Janice Donnelly, Christopher Connolly.
Millinery: Phillip Rhodes