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2002 - The Pirates of Penzance

The Pirates of Penzance

Pirates 2002
Director: Chrysilla Jo Allan
Musical Director: Martin Wright

4, 5, 6 July
at the Alexander Theatre, Clayton

13 July
in Warracknabeal

Photo Album

Pirate King: Colin Simpson
Samuel: Peter Grant
Frederic: Julian Wilson
Maj. Gen. Stanley: Colin Polites
Sgt of Police: Bernhard Boulton
Mabel: Laura Seymour
Edith: Diana Hatch
Kate: Josephine Caire
Isobel: Michelle Valenta
Ruth: Andrea Tappe

Ryan Jacobs
Ryan Jacobs
Michelle Valenta
Michelle Valenta
Ruth: Caroline Jones

Clea Alexander, Peter Angwin, Michael Champion, Sarah Gador-Whyte, Jessica-Leigh Galbraith, David Gerard, Judy Hall, Alanna Irving, Ryan Jacobs, Caroline Jones, Charlotte Jowett, Sarah Jowett, David Kirkles, Neil Lawson, Ray Lawson, Andrew Mc Grail, John Perrin, Jamie Tampion, Karen Vanselow, Robyn Whipp, PhillipYounger

Hamish Paterson (leader), Rachel Hook, Nick Scerri, Wilson Zhang, Michelle Stanic, Erin Reilly, Phoebe Green, Lucy Reed, Glynn Davies, Tony Lawrence, Leanda Smith, Catherine Buxton, Sarah Green, Edwin Denton, David Laity, Melissa Hughes, Max Neil, John Ferguson, Jo Ghiocas, Jenny Stengards, Sue Cook, Stipo Miklic, Helen Giokas, Kurt Able



This perennial favourite from the topsy turvey pair tells of the exploits of young Frederic who was accidentally indentured to a band of pirates. His nursery maid misheard the direction to apprentice him to a pilot. Nevertheless he dedicates himself to the ruthless though tender-hearted pirate band for the duration of his tenure, with the view of exterminating them on its expiry.

A chance meeting by Frederic with the daughters of a Major-General Stanley who lives in the vicinity of the pirates lair, results in Frederic's mutual enrapturement with one, Mabel. Enter the pirates who capture the daughters with immediate matrimonial intent, but spare the Major-General because he fibs that he is an orphan.

Frederic's expectation of being free of the pirates now he is twenty-one receives a severe setback when it emerges that the fine print of the indenture requires he first have twenty-one birthdays. Being born on February 29 in a leap year, it follows that he can only take a career change in another sixty years.

Enter the local police bobbies just in time. Despite being a lily-livered lot, they attempt to ambush the pirates who are about to put the Major-General to the sword. In the ensuing fracas the defeated police pull off a successful ploy that would have great difficulty saving them in today's world.

The cast and principals of the Gilbert & Sullivan Society will both take and give joy in their delivery of some of the most popular songs and clever words ever written.

Alexander Theatre at Monash University, Clayton. Performances: July 4, 5, 6 at 8pm, plus a matinee July 6 at 2pm.

Bookings: 9905 1111

A performance will be held in Warracknabeal - Secondary College Hall, July 13, 8pm.

-Article by Stage Whispers, June 2002…..

Production Manager: Chrysilla Jo Allan and Martin Wright
Personnel Coordinator: Karen Vanselow
Stage Manager: Stephen Crowley

Lorraine Long
Frank Platford
Graeme Burnham

Chorus Leaders: Judy Hall (ladies)
Andrew McGrail (police)
Phil Younger (pirates)
Librarian: Peter Angwin
FOH: Jenny Coll
Lighting: Colin Mortley
Console Operator: Rachel Rendall
Fellow Spots: Colin Mortley
Torquil Syme
Photography (programme): Andrew McGrail
Colin Simpson
Photography (rehearsals & FOH):

Robin Halls

Programme: Diana Hatch
Properties: Chrysilla Jo Allan
Jessica Smith
Publicity: Bernhard Boulton
Ryan Jacobs
Promotional Artwork: Sandy Coventry
Rehearsal Suppers: Clea Alexander
Set Coordinator: Trevor Dawson
Set Construction: Nikki Barclay
Gordon Bull
Sandy Coventry
David Gerard
Peter Grant
Andrew McGrail
Ken Read
Bruce Sayers
Set Designer and Scenic Artist: Sandy Coventry
Stage Crew:

Gordon Bull (ASM)
Sandy Coventry
Nikki Barclay
Trevor Dawson
Ken Read
Bruce Sayers

Ticket Secretary: Sue Younger
Wardrobe (ladies):

Diana Hatch with
Caroline Jones &
Marie Allan

Wardrobe (gentlemen): Andrew McGrail
Wigs: Michelle Valenta