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1999 - The Pirates of Penzance

The Pirates of Penzance

Director: Ron Pidcock
Musical Director: Michelle Stanic

19, 20, 26, 27 March
at the Phoenix Theatre, Burwood

Pirate King: Kevin Kelley
Samuel: Keith Edgar
Frederic: Adam Bianco
Maj. Gen. Stanley: Peter Field
Sgt of Police: Michael Moloney
Mabel: Caroline Mould
Edith: Diana Hatch
Kate: Catherine Rooney
Isobel: Anna-Louise Cole
Ruth: Susan Coull

Pirate King: Shannon Woollard
Samuel: Peter Grant

Daughters: Sue Arthur, Fances Brooks, Rachel Caithness, Louise Campbell, Celia Colquhoun-King, Elena Coppel, Chris Dick, Claire Grosser, Judy Hall, Robyn Hannan, Hilary Howes, Julia HUme, Suzanne Hume, Helena Jankowski, Cheryl Jenkins, Gabrielle Limbrey, Katy Roose, Sally Roose, Carolyn Staines, Julia Thomas, Felicity Young.
Pirates: Peter Angwin, William Bromhead, Ian Caircross, Simon Dodds, Peter Grant, Robin Henry, Sean McIntyre, Frank Platford, Colin Polites, Robert Porter, Jonathan Wallis, David Witko, Shannon Woolard.
Police: Anthony Bell, Michael Champion, David Gerard, Geoffrey Hirst, Peter Hirst, David Kirkles, Max Morris, Andrew Reid, Robert Sims, Gavin Watson, Ken Widdowson, Martin Wright.

Violin: Barbara Argall, Rohan Mack, Andrew Cook, Patricia Wong, Ken Nguyen
Viola: Therese McCoppin, Lucy Reid
Violoncello: Alice Levan, Viatcheslav Iourgaev
Double Bass: Earle Hunter
Flute: Samatha Cooke, Petra Webb
Oboe: Edwin Denton
Clarinet: David Laity, Chris Ondaatje
Bassoon: Max Neil
French Horn: Kate Peart, John Ferguson
Trumpet: Jenny Stengards, Cameron Woods
Trombone: Carmelo Puglesi, David McArthur
Percussion: Elissa Goodrich
Production Manager: Sue Younger
Personnel Coordinator: Sally Roose
Stage Manager: John Larcombe
Accompanists: Lorraine Long, Graeme Burnham
Artwork(Promotional): Jenny McDonald
Artwork(Thtr Boards): Julie Mortley
FOH: Alan Luxton
Lighting: Jenny McDonald
Lighting Console: Stuart Clark
Fellow Spots: Peter Angwin, Jon Bennett
Photography: Robin Halls, Robyn Hannan
Programme: Alison Campbell Rate, Diana Hatch
Prompt: Naomia Harrison
Properties: Catherine Smith
Publicity: Shanna Hetrick, Susan Marshall
Rehearsal Suppers: Judy Hall
Security Backstage: George Harrison
Set Construction: Trevor Dawson, Ron Pidcock
Set Design: Ron Pidcock
Stage Crew: Gordan Bull(ASM), Jocelyn Davidson, Trevor Dawson
Ticket Secretary: Dorothy Carlile
Wardrobe: Robyn Pidcock, Sue Younger
Police uniform design: June Shearsmith
Wigs: Sue Arthur, Catherine Rooney