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Auditions for "The Mikado"

The Mikado

Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre 19th - 22nd July 2018
Mount Beauty 4th August 2018

GSOV are presenting The Mikado in a new production at Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre in Preston on 19th - 22nd July 2018, as well as a touring performance in Mount Beauty on 4th August 2018. The Director is Andrew McGrail, and the Musical Director is Timothy Wilson.

Applicants should prepare an audition piece or pieces, and provide the music in the correct key for our accompanist if it is not from The Mikado. While we have indicated suggested audition piece(s), you may sing something in the same vocal range from the G&S canon or a piece that you feel best showcases your vocal talent. You may not be required to sing all of it.

There will be dialogue to read for Principal roles (as indicated), which will also be available at Auditions.

Applicants wishing to be in the Chorus who are not current members of GSOV are required to audition. Applicants who are members are asked to fill in the audition form and select the audition timeslot - "Society Member - Chorus registration".

7pm to 10pm on Tuesday 20th March, and Thursday 22nd March.
Callbacks (if required) will be 7:30pm to 10:30pm on Sunday 25th March.
The Audition venue is the same as the rehearsal venue - SPAAC - formerly known as Skipper Holland Hall/GSOV Scenery Store - 20 Hunter drive Blackburn South.

Rehearsals are expected to start on Tuesday 17th April for Chorus, and Thursday 19th April for Principals. Rehearsal calls are generally Tuesday evenings (Chorus with principals added in time) and Thursdays (Principals, with one or two full company calls as production week aproaches). There will be some Sunday rehearsals (full company) from 2pm until 5pm. If you have particular availability issues in the time period April - start of August, please note them on the online audition form. A full rehearsal schedule and call list will be made available near to the first rehearsal, assuming all known cast availability issues have been notified.

Character Music Dialogue
The Mikado A rather jolly fellow who doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions.
Act 2 No. 6 - A more humane Mikado Act 2 - "Dear, dear this is very tiresome ---- I'm not a bit angry"
Nanki-Poo An infatuated Prince, comfortably mingling with the lower classes.
Act 1 No. 2 - A wand'ring Minstrel Act 1 - "I'll tell you ---- protestations"
Act 1 - "Some years ago ---- seeing you"
Ko-Ko Poster boy for those who have greatness thrust upon them... while treading water
Act 1 No 5a - As some day it may happen
Act 2 No. 11 - On a tree by a river
Act 1 - "I'll tell you ---- protestations"
Act 1 – “This is simply appalling ---- hands of the public executioner.”"
Pooh-Bah Quintessential upper class Englishman (with accent to match) with a total sense of entitlement.
Act 1 No. 4 - Young man despair Act 1 – “It is. Our logical Mikado
---- head of a State secret.”
Pish-Tush Local official, middle management/public servant, but wants to sort things out for everyones’ benefit.
Act 1 No. 3 - Our great Mikado Act 1 – “I am the bearer of a letter
---- that would be something”
Go-To As per Pish-Tush. Can be combined into one role for a suitable singer.
Act 2 No. 3 - Brightly dawns our wedding day (2nd verse) Act 2 – “By all means ---- enjoy ourselves”
Yum-Yum Irrepressible sense of fun, youthful and high spirited.
Act 2 No. 2 - The sun whose rays Act 1 – “What good would that do ----
laws against flirting are excessively severe.”
Pitti-Sing Irrepressible sense of fun, youthful and high spirited.
Act 1 No. 7 - Three little maids
Act 2 No. 1 - Sit with downcast eyes
Act 2 No. 7 - He shivered and shook
Act 2 – “I don’t know about that, it all depends
---- impression to that effect.”
Peep-Bo Irrepressible sense of fun, youthful and high spirited.
Act 1 No. 7 - Three little maids Act 2 – “The happiest girl indeed
---- you are to be beheaded.”
Katisha A lonely person who has been groomed as consort to Nanki-Poo. Pathos mixed with the usual fury.
Act 1 Finale - The hour of gladness
Act 2 No. 10 - Alone and yet alive
Act 2 No. 12 – There is beauty in the bellow
Act 2 – “None whatever ----
the largest in the world.”
Arthur Sullivan Accomplished musician. Confident, but unhappy with the contractual arrangements with Carte and Gilbert.
not required supplied upon application
W.S. Gilbert Kindness, firmness, and a sharp wit to wield against those that need it.
not required supplied upon application
Richard D'Oyly Carte Impresario, no nonsense business man.
not required supplied upon application
Auditioning Chorus
Bass/Tenor - Act 1 No.1 - If you want to know
Alto/Soprano Act 2 No. 1 - Braid the raven hair
not required

Audition Resources

The Libretto we are using, can be downloaded from The Mikado page at the G&S Archives if you wish to go over your lines.

Also on that Archive page is a link to IMSLP's archive of Vocal Scores. There will be Chappell Vocal Scores available at the auditions and first rehearsal (you may use other published editions of course), but if you do not have access to a VS then we recommend using this edition (plate 18056) of the Chappell Vocal Score in PDF format.

TO BOOK AN AUDITION: Fill in an online audition form here.

If you have further questions please contact the : Auditions Co-ordinator directly.

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