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Season Subscription 2014

In 2014 Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Victoria is presenting another solid set of shows for your enjoyment.

First up is The Grand Duke (at the Alexander Theatre) which is set in the fictional township of Pfennig-Halbpfennig. This was to be the last of Gilbert and Sullivan's collaborations, and somewhat unfairly, is rarely performed. It deserves to be performed with both Gilbert and Sullivan delivering clever writing and beautiful music.

Our middle season has us returning to Knox Community Arts Centre for a joint performance of The Zoo (a Sullivan without Gilbert) and that perennial favourite Trial by Jury. The intimate setting will no doubt enhance your theatrical experience of these two works.

To end the year we present a new, exciting and innovative adaptation of HMS Pinafore set in a futuristic Science-Fiction genre as we present USS Pinafore. Hold tight to your skivvies and set your phasers to laughter as we board this 23rd century Starship. It's G+S, Jim, but not as you know it...

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Victoria are one of Australia’s oldest performing groups - next year we will celebrate our 80th Birthday. We are one of only two performing arts groups in Victoria specialising in the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, and other works of English musical theatre.


You can subscribe to our complete 2014 season for only $99, or $88 if you are a concession card holder.

There are three different subscription packages:

SUBSCRIPTION A allows you to see all three operas.

SUBSCRIPTION B allows you to package the two Gilbert and Sullivan shows at the Alexander Theatre (and to book separately to see The Zoo/Trial by Jury at Knox Community Arts Centre).

SUBSCRIPTION C packages either of the Alexander Theatre shows with Zoo/Trial at Knox.

By subscribing you will also receive a complimentary copy of our magazine, TanTanTara! which is full of informative articles on Gilbert and Sullivan and other matters of light operatic entertainment.

You may of course book separately for each production


  • The Grand Duke and HMS Pinafore at Alexander Theatre, Monash University.
    Adults: $39, Concession: $35, Children of school age (16 and under): $19.50, Groups of 20 or more: $35 per ticket
  • Book by Phone 03 9905 1111 - Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm
  • Book Grand Duke Online
  • Book USS Pinafore Online

  • The Zoo and Trial by Jury at Knox Community Arts Centre.
    Adults: $35, Concession: $29, Children of school age (16 and under): $17.50, Groups of 20 or more: $29 per ticket
  • Book by Phone (03) 9729 7287 - Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm
  • Book Knox Online

Honorary Life Members are entitled to one (1) free ticket for their personal use at each show. Please take a careful look at the dates for the shows scheduled and apply to the Ticket Secretary at least 7 days in advance of the performance you wish to attend.
Contact the Ticket Secretary, Liz Burman, on 9596 4493, or email her.

Join our mailing List

  • To be informed when and how to book for these wonderful shows and future events, please fill in our Mailing List form and post it to the address on the form, or
  • Email your details to us or
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