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2011 (2) - Trial by Jury and The Sorcerer

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ALEXANDER THEATRE, MONASH UNIVERSITY MAY 14, 20, 21 at 8:00 pm MAY 14, 21 at 2:00 pm BOOK on 03 9905 1111 (M-F 9:30-4:30) Or go to

SPECIAL DEAL FOR CHILDREN! Bring your children to the matinee on 21st May and they can assist with the magic. There will be a prize for the child in the best magician/wizard/witch costume and children of all ages will be invited to join (from their seats) in casting a spell. For details to be sent to you please register your interest, and we will send you the words and the music for your children to either read from, or to learn. This is a wonderful way of introducing children to the theatre and its music. Send a short note with your name and address to SORCERER CHILDREN’S PROGRAMME C/ The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Victoria PO Box 184 Blackburn South VIC 3130 Or email:

kidSorcererBUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE! One child 15 years and under is admitted FREE to either Saturday Matinee when accompanied by a full-price paying A-Reserve Adult. So, two children would be FREE with two adults. This offer is only available through the Box Office on 03 9905 1111 (M-F 9:30-4:30). Note: This is not available for B Reserve, Concession or Subscription Ticket holders.

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Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre Ian Lowe
Lady Sangazure Janice Donelly
Aline Cassandra Beckitt
Mrs Partlett Anna Castle
Constance Rebecca Muratore
John Wellington Wells Ed Burger
Alexis Christopher Cox
Dr Daly Michael Try
The Notary James Jackson
Hercules Cameron Conroy-Atlas
The Learned Judge Ron Pidcock
The Plaintiff Laura Slavin
The Defendant Christopher Cox
The Counsel for the Plaintiff Michael Try
The Usher James Jackson
The Foreman of the Jury Andrew McGrail
The Associate Ben Klein
First Bridesmaid Josephine Caire
Jacinta Anderson, Josephine Caire, Kerryn Graham, Judy Hall, Jess Heard, Naomi Hyndman, Susan Marshall, Emily McDonell, Natsuko Minehgishi, Robyn Pidcock, Kerrie Robbins, Janet Schmiedl, Andrea Tappe.

David Angelico, Michael Angelico, Ellis Brasch, Ed Burger (Trial by Jury), Larry Dalton, Malcolm Coghill, David Gerard, Ben Klein, Ken Knight, Ian Lowe (Trial by Jury), Andrew McGrail (The Sorcerer), Simon Messer, Henry Turner.
Diana Burleigh
Musical Director
Nigel McBain
Ron Pidcock
Diana Burleigh
Production Manager Andrew McGrail
Lighting Designer Francis Croese
Stage Manager John Larcombe
Flyman Chris Angelico
Floor Crew Trevor Dawson, Ken Read, Paul Webberus
Lighting Board Operator Bruce Sayers
Follow Spot Operators Chris and John Angelico
Set Construction David Gerard (Manager), David and John Angelico, Ken Knight, Andrew McGrail
Rehearsal Pianists Luke Hutton
Publicity: Robert Ray (Co-ordinator), Torquil Syme
Costume Co-Ordinator Clare Whitty
Properties David Angelico (Co-Ordinator), Chrys Black
Special Effects Andrew McGrail
FOH Jenny Coll (Co-Ordinator)
Programme Alex Scutt
Photography Brian Taylor
Ticket Secretary Liz Burman
Personnel Co-ordinator Michael Angelico