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"We are as world-known and as much an institution as Westminster Abbey."

When WS Gilbert wrote these words to Arthur Sullivan in 1888 he could not possibly have known that they would remain accurate in the twenty-first century. For over the course of a 25-year collaboration, WS Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan gave the world a series of musical masterpieces unrivalled by any composer before or since. Their joint works, including HMS Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance, Iolanthe, The Mikado, The Yeomen of the Guard and The Gondoliers, have survived the passage of time to become the most beloved musical entertainments in the English-speaking world.

Gilbert's incisive wit remains as pertinent in the twenty-first century as it was to his contemporaries, and Sullivan's music retians all its charm, humour, pathos and majesty. No other British theatre makers, apart from Shakespeare, have made such an impact on the world's stage.

"The foremost exponents of traditional Gilbert and Sullivan and Light Opera in Australa." John Slavin, The Age

"Oh Joy, oh rapture...Long may they reign!" - Gillian Humphries, International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival UK.