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2009 (1) - The Yeomen of the Guard

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The Yeomen of the Guard

Alexander Theatre, Monash University
April 24 & 25, May 1 & 2 2009 at 8.00 pm
April 25, May 2 at 2.00 pm

The grim shadow of the Tower of London: The Yeomen of the Guard tells the story of Colonel Fairfax, wrongly condemned to death on Tower Green. A plot is hatched to save his life, with the unknowing involvement of the strolling players Elsie and Jack, leading to adventure, romance and tragedy. Considered by Gilbert and Sullivan to be the finest of all their works together, The Yeomen of the Guard is still considered by many the highest achievement in British operatic music. A gifted cast brings to life all the wit, humour, drama and ultimate tragedy to this, the most bittersweet and moving of all the Savoy masterpieces. Directed and designed by Robert Ray and Musical Direction by John Ferguson.

More information about this show from the Director, Robert Ray

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Lieutenant of the Tower Kevin Kelley
Colonel Fairfax Brett O'Meara
Sergeant Meryll Des Lukey
Leonard Meryll Raphael Wong
Jack Point Robert Latham
Wilfred Shadbolt Andrew McGrail
The Headsman Chris McInnis
Confessor James Thomas
First Yeoman Raphael Wong
Second Yeoman Phil Elphinstone
Third Yeoman Darren Rosenfeld
Fourth Yeoman Michael Try
First Citizen Adam Purton
Second Citizen Gerald White
Elsie Maynard Stephanie Gibson
Phoebe Meryll Kate Amos
Dame Carruthers Lynlee Williams
Kate Caitlin McNab
Phil Elphinstone, David Gerard, Ron Mack, Ron Pidcock, Adam Purton, Darren Rosenfeld, Alex Scutt, Michael Try, Phil Younger.
Phil Elphinstone, Rodney Garratt, Chris McInnis, Ron Mack, Simon Messer, Adam Purton, Jamie Tampion, James Thomas, Michael Try, Frank Val Ward, Gerald White
Naomi Absolom, Frances Brooks, Anna Castle, Estelle Fyffe, Judy Hall, Naomi Hobbs, Elizabeth McCrea, Susan Marshall, Belinda Morris, Robyn Pidcock, Leonie Thomson, Nicky Wortley, Lyn Yeowart.
Eleanor Fisk, Liam O'Meara, Evelyn O'Meara, Ed Resic, Marcus Wong.
Director and Designer
Robert Ray
Musical Director
John Ferguson
Chorus Direction
Kevin Kelley
Rehearsal Pianist
Karl Geiger
Lighting Designers
Colin Mortley and Jason Bovaird
Scenic Art
Josephine Cobb
Violins: Chantal Roddy (Concertmaster), Sylvia Winfield, Loretta Meagher, Marjorie Michael, Emma Rodda, Nathan Scerri. Viola: Lesley Qualtrough, Matthew Ng. Cello: Keryn Lientschnig, Ashleigh Geiger. Double Bass: Reave Maloney. Flute/Piccolo: Elizabeth Hamilton, Kylie Sparkman. Oboe: Lucy Belfrage. Clarinet: Jason Xanthoudakis, Chris Ondaatje. Bassoon: Jenny Ottoson, Ed Chow. Horn: Joanne Ghiocas, Phoebe Smithies. Trumpet: Elsa Brissenden, Jenny Stengards. Trombone: Simon Greatwood, Naomi Kenner, Jonty Smith, Ben Milne. Percussion: Ben Hudson.
Production Crew
Production Manager: Andrew McGrail. Chief Repetiteur: Karl Geiger. Repetiteurs: Johnny Edmonds, Stuart Connew, Frank Platford. Stage Manager: John Larcombe. Assistant Stage Manager: Nikkii Baker. Costume Co-Ordinator: Priscilla Wootton-Figgs. Photography: Brian Taylor. Set Construction: Trevor Dawson, David Gerard, Ken Read, Naomi Absolom, Anna Castle, Naomi Hobbs, Leonie Thomson. Properties Manager: Ron Pidcock. Lighting Board Operator: Michael Angelico. Flyman/Stagecrew: David Angelico. Fundraising: Jamie Tampion, Brian Taylor, Phil Younger. Publicist: Alex First. Publicity: Jamie Moffat. Personnel: Geoff Mason-Jones. FOH: Sue Younger. Rehearsal Suppers: Alex Scutt, Judy Hall. DVD Recordings: E-Mediate Video Productions. Audio Recordings: JeeveS Audio. Program: Worthington's Studio of Design.
Costume Makers
Dame Carruthers and Lieutenant designed and executed by Phillip Rhodes.
Colonel Fairfax - Janet O'Meara.
Jack Point- Frank Val and Margaret Ward.
Elsie Maynard - Robyn Pidcock and Stephanie Gibson.
Phoebe Meryll - Frances Brookes.
Wilfred Shadbolt - Lisa McGrail.
Leonard Meryll - Pat Dawson and Beverley Fagan.
Townswomen's caps - Suzanne Hume.
Tudor smocks - Judy Hall.
Townswomen's dresses - June Shearsmith.