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2008 (2) - A Song To Sing, O!


songtosingo2008 Author: Melvyn Morrow
Director & Choreographer: Robert Ray
Musical Director: Johnny Edmonds
14, 21 June at the Melba Hall
University of Melbourne

Music - Director's notes - Photo Album

George Grossmith Ron Pidcock
Richard Temple/
Rutland Barrington/
Wallace Brownlow
Alan Brown
Jessie Bond Julia Godinho
Arthur Sullivan/
W H Denny/
Geroge Temple
Andrew McGrail
Geraldine Ulmer Tanya Bail
Ernie, The Dresser/
A Critic
Darren Rosenfeld
Durward Lely/
Courtice Pounds
Gerard Schneider
Rosina Brandram Andrea Tappe
Henry Irving/
Mr Farmerson
Phil Younger
William Gilbert/
Scottish Butler
Geoff Mason-Jones
Herbert Snape Jamie Tampion
Marion Hood Olivia Thompson
Rose Hervey Anne Gleadall
A Critic Greg Galon
Weedon Grossmith David Gerard
Backstage Call Boy Keiran McMahon
Maud Pembroke, a spinster Susan Marshall
Lighting Design: Martin Karklins
Production Manager: John Larcombe
Stage Manager:
Nikkii Baker
Properties: Irena White
Cast Suppers: Nikkii Baker
Set Construction: Trevor Dawson
Ken Read
David Gerard
Special Effects: Brian Taylor
Scenic Photographic Work: Bookaburra Printers
Programme: Kevin Kelley
Set Design: Robert Ray
Photography: Brian Taylor
Follow Spot Operators: Chris Angelico
Michael Angelico
Costume Coordinators: Julia Godinho
Andrea Tappe


The Judge's Son (Trial by Jury
A Peculiar Man (Grossmith)
My name is John Wellington Wells (The Sorcerer)
Over the bright blue sea - through to - When I was a lad (HMS Pinafore)
Hold monsters - I am the very model (Pirates of Penzance)
If you're anxious for the shine (Patience)
When you're lying awake (Iolanthe)
If you go in (Iolanthe)
The Muddle Puddle Porter (Grossmith)
If you give me your attention (Princess Ida)
See me dance the Polka (Grossmith)


Johnny at the Gaiety (Grossmith)
My boy you may take it from me (Ruddigore)
French Verbs (Grossmith)
As some day it may happen (The Mikado)
On a tree by a river (The Mikado)
There is beauty (The Mikado)
Trial by Ruddy Patience
I've wisdom from the east (The Yeomen of the Guard)
Complete Act 2 Finale (The Yeomen of the Guard)

Director's Notes:

It is a wonderful departure for the Society to be doing such a play, and we are very grateful to Melvyn Morrow for letting us do it. Of course, the leading role is an enormous challenge for any actor/singer, but Ron Pidcock is going to be marvellous. The play takes place backstage between the matinee and the evening performance of George Grossmith's last appearance at the Savoy Theatre, London in 1889, as Jack Point in "The Yeomen of the Guard". Other performers come and go into GG's dressing room. It is great fun to see our Company in other roles besides those written by Gilbert. Of course, Gilbert's words find their way into their everyday speech, and Melvyn cleverly quotes from the Operas, as well as letters, and other accurate sources. In Grossmith's memory we are suddenly back doing bits from "Pinafore " and "Pirates", and Gilbert and Sullivan, almost ghost like, re-appear in his memory.

This production departs from the ones with Dennis Olsen and Anthony Warlow in them. Melvyn has opened it up, and instead of Grossmith quoting from others, they actually appear. This was always Mel's intention, but the scheme was too costly, and so he was persuaded to make it into two man, and then a one man play. I feel this new version is even more entertaining than the previous ones. In many ways, it is going to be more complicated than doing one of the Operas. There will be several costume changes for the cast, lots and lots of furniture, and many props. But I am sure you will all be delighted with it. It will be a wonderful introduction to the World of Gilbert and Sullivan, so maybe now is the time to introduce your grandchildren - why not round up the neighbours' kids - and give them a peek into the fascinating world of the Theatre.