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1952 - The Yeomen of the Guard

The Yeomen of the Guard



23 April
Melbourne Grammar

26 April
Wesley College

28 April
Caulfield Town Hall

29 April, 5 May
Cathedral Hall

Director: Len Brewer
Musical Director: J Whittet
Stage Manager: Betty Stevens

Sir Richard Cholmondeley: G Page
R Jones (29/4)
Colonel Fairfax: Walter Speedy
Sergent Meryll: J Short
F Williams (Cathedral)
Leonard Meryll: Ron Gowty
B Helmond (5/5)
Jack Point: Keith Morris
E Wells (5/5)
Wilfred Shadbolt: D Crozier
E Wells (Wesley)
Headsman: L Fowler (23, 26/4)
L Poole (28, 29/4 & 5/5)
First Yeoman: N Gipps
Second Yeoman: F Lang
First citizen: W Perry
Second citizen: B Page
Elsie Maynard: T Sparling
Violet Jackson (29/4)
Amanda Neill (5/5)
Phoebe Meryll: Amanda Neill
M Fry (26/4 & 29/4)
P Yeaman (5/5)
Dame Carrunthers: P Yeaman
Gwen Nelder (5/5)
Kate: G Quirk
G Smith (5/5)