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O Dear, O Dear, O Dear

You wanted to know more about Ljljana Gasovic, the famous Balkan soprano and you've found yourself at the jokes page.

You surely qualify for a chocolate frog or, if you are familiar with the Grand Duchy of Pfennig-Halbpfennig, to eat a sausage roll!

But you probably want to go back to the FAQs. Go back to them.

But if you are curious, then here's the place for operatic furphies, quirks, disasters, mishearings and malapropisms, and you are welcome to log in and contribute - but keep it clean.

Here are a few to give you a flavour.

  • A certain Anna Glawari in the second act of The Merry Widow, at the appropriate time announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Valencienne will now sing 'Vilia'"!
  • A tenor, when castigated by the conductor for coming into early in the final Act of La Traviata, remonstrated "It was her fault. She died too soon." The response, "My good man, no opera singer ever dies too soon!"
  • Misprints in vocal Eisteddfodd programmes:  "'Tis done, I am a bridge" and "Is life a book?"

This page is dedicated to Joseph Furphy, the water cart owner in Melbourne at around the time Water-Cart Bayly was doing a similar thing in Gilbert and Sullivan's London. His motto was "Water is natural, wine is of the devil. Come and have a drink of water." He gave his name to Furphies, unlikely stories with just a hint of probability!

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Last Updated on Saturday, 16 July 2016 17:33