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2001 - The Emerald Isle

The Pirates of Penzance

Emerald Isle 2001
Director: Richard Burman
Musical Director: Michelle Stanic
Photo Album

The Earl of Newtown KP: Allan Brown
Dr Fiddle DD: William Bromhead
Terence O'Brian: Julian Wilson
Professor Bunn: Ron Pidcock
Pat Murphy: Martin Wright
Black Dan: Torquil Syme
Sergeant Pincher: Bernhard Boulton
Countess of Newtown: Jenny Coll
Lady Rosie Pippin: Janelle Christie
Molly O'Grady: Rachel Buckley
Susan: Chrysilla Jo Allan
Kathleen: Kathleen Hislop
Mickie O'Hara: Andrew Phillips
Sentry: Peter Angwin
Nora: Claire Smith
Frances Brooks, Josephine Caire, David Campbell, Lucinda Clark, Norm Dalton, Irene Dietrich, David Gerard, Judy Hall, Robyn Hannan, Diana Hatch, Geoff Hirst, Peter Hirst, Suzanne Hume, Susan Marshall, Andrew McGrail, Jocelyn Michelson, Robyn Pidcock, Frank Platford, Robert Porter, Shakira Searle, Brett Simon, John Stone, Frank (Val) Ward, Linda Wood, Phil Younger, Sue Younger
Violin: Ashley Wood (Leader), Brian Wallwork, Joanne Wallwork, Christine Leslie-Pfitzner, Tom Capogreco, Rohan Mack
Viola: Theres McCoppin, Lucy Reid
'Cello: Alice Levan, Michelle Wood
Double Bass: Jason Abramowski, Emil Sojanovski
Flute: Judith Carpenter, Prue Borgert
Oboe: Edwin Denton
Clarinet: Darren Howard, Naomi Angwin, Megan Philip
Bassoon: Max Neil, Claire Bancroft
French Horn: John Ferguson, Joanne Ghiocas, Lindsay Buchanan
Trumpet: Jenny Stengards, Mark Fitzpatrick
Trombone: David McArthur, Helen Giokas
Percussion: Elissa Goodrich

Production Manager: Bruce Sayers
Personnel Coordinator: Andrew Phillips
Stage Manager: Rachel Rendall
Accompanists: Lorraine Long, Graeme Burnham
Chorus Leaders: Suzanne Hume, Peter Hirst
Librarian: Peter Angwin
FOH: Rob Collier
Lighting: Colin Mortley
Console Operator: Paul Weberrus
Follow Spots: Jenny McDonald, Jessica Smith
Photography: Linda Wood, Robin Halls
Programme: Linda Wood, Tim Clarke
Prompt: Naomi Harrison
Properties: Geoff Hirst
Publicity: Bernhard Boulton, Torquil Syme, Caroline Mould
Promotional Artwork: Jenny McDonald, Julie Mortley
Rehearsal Suppers: Sue Younger
Security Backstage: George Harrison
Set Construction: David Gerard, Ken Read, Gordon Bull, Sandy Coventry, John Larcombe and members of the cast
Scenic Designer: Sandy Coventry
Stage Crew: Gordon Bull (ASM), Sandy Coventry, Pietra Butler, Trevor Dawson, Stephen Hodge, Barry Hodge, Bruce Sayers
Ticket Secretary: Dorothy Carlile
Wardrobe: Sue Younger, Robyn Pidcock, Suzanne Hume
Wigs: Claire Smith
Audio Clips

Note: This clips are only segments of the various songs in the musical.

Special thanks to Steve Bullock at Jeeves Audio Services for the sound clips.

Format / Length
Come Away MP3 / 1 min 25 secs 335kb