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2004 - The Mikado

The Mikado Banner



October 22, 23, 29, 30
Matinee Oct 30

Caroline Stacey
Musical Director:
Jenny Caire
Scenic Design:
Caroline Stacey (after Sandy Coventry)
Costume Design:
Shona Donnelly
Lighting Design:
Colin Mortley

The Mikado: Simon Fitzgerald
Nanki Poo: Christopher Diffey
Ko Ko:

Phil Elphinstone

Pooh Bah: Peter Donnelly
Pish Tush: Angus Grant
Yum Yum: Jane Pickering
Pitti Sing: Rebecca Crabtree
Peep Bo: Suzanne Shakespeare
Katisha: Jenny Wakefield

Chris Angelico, Katherine Baxter, Sandro Bolano, Frances Brooks, Jenny Coll, Rodney Garratt, Judy Hall, Tracey Hendy, Peter Hirst, Kathleen Hislop, Ian Hopkins, Estelle Hurren, Alanna Irving, Elizabeth King, Neil Lawson, Sinead McAree, Andrew McGrail, Susan Marshall, Geoff Mason-Jones, Robyn Pidcock, Ron Pidcock, Charles Robin, Sarah Swain, Jamie Tampion, Jasmine Thorne, Tom Turley, Alanna Weekley, Karen Worsley, Phil Younger

Production Manager: John Larcombe
Personnel Coordinator: Tracey Hendy
Stage Manager: John Larcombe
Accompanists: Frank Platford
Artwork: Nikkii Baker
Assistant to Director: Nikkii Baker
Chorus Leaders: Ron Pidcock (M)
Men's Chorus Master: Kevin Kelley
Country Trip Coord: Neil Lawson
FOH Manager: Susan Younger
Lighting Console: Colin Mortley
Follow Spots: Sarah Mortley
Natalie Vincent
Photography: Brian Taylor
Programme: Robert Ray
Brian Taylor
Properties: John Larcombe (Coord)
Publicity: Ryan Jacobs
Torquil Syme
Bernhard Boulton
Rehearsal Suppers: Kathleen Hislop
Nikkii Baker
Security Backstage: Bruce Sayers
Set Construction:

Trevor Dawson (Mgr)
John Larcombe
Ken Read
Gordon Bull
Elizabeth King
Neil Lawson
Nikkii Baker
David Gerard

Stage Crew: Gordon Bull (ASM)
Nikkii Baker
Trevor Dawson
David Gerard
Robert Porter
Ken Read
Ticket Secretary: Dorothy Carlile
Wardrobe Assistants: Janice Donnelly